The Kevin Gill Show

The Kevin Gill Show Episode 111

In January 10, 2017

Kevin Gill Show Presents: Mad Joe Black From Wisdom In Chains

Mad Joe Black from Wisdom In Chains discusses his journey into hardcore, H2o, Sick Of It All, respecting the roots, life on the road, relationship with audience, Bad Brains, Gilman Street, NYHC, Crowned Kings, touring the world, DIY Mentality, Hardcore Family, Strength For A Reason, growing up with music, Positive Mental Attitude, his first hardcore show, transitioning from being a fan to a musician, Post America Podcast, Cold Cuts Merch and FastBreak! Records PLUS an all new #ASKKG with questions from Wrestling, Music, Film, and beyond!






Photographer with work published in multiple magazines, papers, and underground merchandise and CD’s. Has also had work as primary imagery on multiple psychopathic and strange records official sites.