CherryBomb’s Photo Gallery and Review – Tech N9ne Independent Powerhouse Tour

In April 26, 2016

Sativa Sylii’s impressions:

I wanted to take my nephew to a Tech N9ne show, because over the past year, he has become quite the fan of all things Strange Music. I’ve recently started taking him to concerts and he has been starstruck over the likes of Twiztid, Blaze, Boondox, The ROC and Lex the Hex Master. As soon as I heard about the Independent Powerhouse Tour, I knew he HAD to go and he had to do it VIP style! And luckily there was a date in our area.

We arrived at the venue at 3:00 for the meet and greet. They got us all in pretty quick and security was very accommodating. As we walked in you could see Tech, Krizz Kaliko, Rittz, Ces Cru, Stevie Stone and ¡MAYDAY! all at their own stations ready to meet with fans and take pictures and sign items. My nephew couldn’t stop smiling. Every single artist on Strange is down to earth and humble so I knew they’d treat him right. The meet and greet started with Tech and my nephew gave him a picture he had drawn and got his shirt signed and took pictures. I had him sign some posters for 2 friends who lost their brother a few years ago and he was a huge Tech fan, so it was very emotional for me. Next in line was Kali Baby! He greets every one with a contagious smile and my nephew reciprocated with a huge smile of his own.

Then it was time to meet Rittz, who had recently been doing promo for his new album while also touring. He was also feeling a little under the weather due to a B-12 shot he’d just gotten the day before, and at that time didn’t know he was having an allergic reaction to it. Even though he didn’t feel great he greeted us with enthusiasm. Ces Cru was next in line and it’s always a pleasure to see them. They have so much energy and passion for what they do and for their fans. It was UBI’s birthday so I had to sing “Happy Birth d-a-y U-B-I!” to him. Stevie Stone was the next stop on the Strange line and he remembered us from Twiztid’s ‘Be My Bloody Valentine’ show in Grand Rapids 2 months prior. That made my nephew’s night!

Last, but not least was ¡MAYDAY!, and they are some of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. They always take the time to ask how you are and if you’re having a good time. At the end of VIP we were allowed to go back to our cars to put away things and wait for the show. While we sat in our vehicle and hung out, my nephew noticed Bernz, from ¡MAYDAY! exiting the car in front of us and was excited all over again.
Doors opened right at 7 and VIP was let in first so my nephew went right to the front, where he stayed all night. D-Major opened the show and got the crowd warmed up. When ¡MAYDAY! stepped foot on stage, the packed venue went crazy. They did a few of their songs and a few ¡Mursday! songs as well. The way they work together flows so nicely. At that point, the crowd was so thick with Strangers that you could barely move.

Stevie Stone came on next and rocked it. His grimey voice is one of my favorites on the label. He steps off the stage, after a few songs and gets to the edge of the crowd for the track he does with ¡MAYDAY! called ‘Forever New’ and his track ‘Remedy’. All you can see in the crowd is the glow from lighters and cell phones in the air.  Ces Cru comes out next. They are great to watch. Their set has so much energy and you can’t help but move to the music. One of their first songs was one of my personal favorites, ‘Seven Chakras’, and it was an amazing thing to see a sold out crowd singing along.

I will let Cherry Bomb take it from here!

So I found out the hard way that The Intersection in Grand Rapids, MI has a curfew, as well as what it’s like to make your way to the front with that bitch SOLD OUT! I live in Indiana, and the drive is just under 3 hours. We had a plan and left accordingly – if doors opened at 7:00, we figured the show wouldn’t start until 8pm at the earliest. After finally finding a place to park, we headed into the venue.

I could hear from outside that Stevie Stone was on stage. So I got in, got my pass and swam my way through about 1,800 Strangers. By the time I got to the entrance of the photo pit, Ces Cru was on their fourth or fifth song. I stood back in the VIP section (shhh don’t tell) and streamed live video for the Juggalo News facebook page. When their set was over, Ubi wanted a photo for his Instagram with the crowd since it was his birthday! Once Ubi and Godemis left the stage, it was not long before Rittz came on.

This is when I realized I was the only one with a press pass, and that venue had a legit photo pit, that I had entirely to myself! So much space for activities! (However I am always impeded by the fact that I’m 5’3″.) So Rittz played a few songs I didn’t expect him to, and he didn’t play others that I figured he would. He did apologize that he had to cut the set short (due to the curfew by the city ordinance). He had that crowd so hype by the time he introduced Tech N9ne. Another quick change and Tech came on. His set was short, but even so, he has the most amazing stage presence. During the first three songs, when I was in the photo pit, it felt like he was performing just for me. I imagine that I’m not the only one who felt that way. And no Tech show would be complete without soliciting the fine-ass females to get on shoulders and FLASH. I may or may not have been live-streaming at this time. You might want to head over to the Juggalo News facebook page and check. I love watching him & Krizz Kaliko do the choreographed dances on stage.

One of my favorite songs he performed was Psycho Bitch – but he merged parts of all three tracks to essentially make one song. It was only about 11:00 when things wrapped up, but we hung out as long we could. I think I could go to a Tech N9ne concert once a week and have it never get tired of watching him perform. If you have the chance, I would definitely get to this tour. I’m bummed I missed Mayday this time, they always put on a killer performance. After we left, we hit Founders for a beer and a lady from a local pizza joint showed up with a stack of pizzas! And I’m pretty sure I saw Ubi partying at another bar on the way back to the car. It was his birthday and all…Seriously – if you have not been to a Tech N9ne show, you are missing out.
~Cherry Bomb~


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