Juggalo Prom 2017

In January 27, 2017

Envision the Glory of a Juggalo Prom

However that title makes you feel – be prepared, Juggalo Day Weekend, Night 1 featuring Tunnel of Love is being turned into Juggalo Prom.


Join us for the first night of Juggalo day weekend 2017 and relive the prom night you always wish you had. We throwing down high school Prom style for Tunnel of Love!


You can keep up to date with the discussions, on the faceboook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1200829793367786

If you plan on dressing up in that fresh dress or suit, make sure the photographers catch you looking wicked sharp!




Photographer with work published in multiple magazines, papers, and underground merchandise and CD's. Has also had work as primary imagery on multiple psychopathic and strange records official sites.